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Urological tests allow for the diagnosis and introduction of appropriate treatment in patients suffering from diseases of the urogenital system. After performing appropriate tests, it is possible to diagnose and treat disorders of the kidneys, bladder, testicles, and prostate.

What ultrasound tests do we offer?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive and safe examination that does not emit harmful radiation, so it can be performed on patients of all ages. As part of a urological consultation, depending on the needs, the doctor additionally examines the appropriate system:

  • Ultrasound of the urinary system – allows for the assessment of the kidneys, bladder, and prostate gland, and indirectly also the ureters. This is an important examination in case of urinary tract problems.
  • Ultrasound of the testicles and scrotum – an examination performed preventively or in case of suspicion of abnormalities in the testicles, epididymis, spermatic cord, or scrotum. It allows you to confirm or exclude, among others the presence of a testicular tumor, epididymal cyst, testicular hydrocele, or varicocele.
  • Prostate ultrasound – a non-invasive test enabling the assessment of the size of the prostate gland, which is crucial in the treatment of urination disorders caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is also an important test if prostate cancer is suspected.