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Do you want to perform testicular ultrasound and scrotal ultrasound in Gdańsk? At U Clinic, we offer professional service and the highest standard of care. Ultrasonography is the key examination for assessing the condition of the testicles, epididymis, and scrotum. They are performed on men of all ages to make an appropriate diagnosis and possibly implement treatment.

What is testicular and scrotal examination? 

Ultrasonography is a non-invasive test used in the diagnosis of many diseases. Specialized equipment emitting ultrasound allows you to obtain an image of a specific organ quickly and painlessly. Such examination is helpful for the assessment of testicles, epididymis, and spermatic cord. Testicular ultrasound allows the doctor, for example, to diagnose the condition responsible for the enlargement of the organ – such diseases include hydrocele, inflammation, tumors, and varicocele. That means that one of the most frequently performed tests in the diagnosis of infertility is testicular ultrasound.

What are the indications for testicular ultrasound?

When performing an ultrasound examination of the testicles, the doctor also examines the scrotum, which is a skin-muscle sac protecting the testicles, testicular sheath, epididymis, and spermatic cord. Indications for an ultrasound of the testicle and scrotum include unilateral or bilateral enlargement of the testicle, palpable testicular tumor, pain, or presence of blood in semen. Thanks to this, the doctor can determine the absence of a testicle in the scrotum, as well as detect cancerous changes, testicular hydrocele, epididymal cyst (spermatocele), and varicocele. Ultrasound allows for the selection of appropriate treatment methods or indicates the need for more in-depth diagnostics.
That is why it is worth performing a scrotal ultrasound. It is worth emphasizing that ultrasound is a safe examination that can be performed multiple times – the devices used for this purpose do not use harmful radiation and have no negative impact on health.

How is an ultrasound examination of the testicles and scrotum performed?

Before performing the ultrasound examination, the doctor interviews the patient, which concerns, among others current health condition and experienced ailments. The specialist also performs palpation. Before performing an ultrasound, it is necessary to apply an appropriate gel to the skin, thanks to which the waves will easily penetrate the body, and the head of the device will not rub against the skin. During the examination, a visualization of internal organs is displayed on the screen. Based on the images collected during the ultrasound, the specialist assesses the size and structure of the testicles and epididymis, the amount of fluid, and the presence of abnormalities in the organs of the scrotum.

What can an ultrasound of the testicles and scrotum show?

Ultrasonography is a test with a wide range of applications in various areas of medicine. In the case of urology, ultrasound can diagnose cancer, cysts, nodules, and varicocele. It is also an important test in diagnosing the causes of infertility. Testicular ultrasound is recommended when a man notices disturbing changes in the testicles or experiences pain in this area.

How to prepare for the test?

Ultrasound examination of the testicle and scrotum does not require any special preparation from the patient. However, if it is necessary to perform a testicular biopsy, the patient should inform the specialist about the medications he is taking and any previous diseases. We recommend coming for the examination wearing comfortable underwear that will not be difficult to take off. The patient does not have to fast. 

Contraindications to ultrasound examination of the testicles and scrotum

There are no contraindications that exclude the patient from undergoing an ultrasound examination of the testicles and scrotum, as it is non-invasive and safe. It does not disqualify the patient from everyday functioning because it does not negatively affect the body. However, it sometimes happens that due to severe testicular pain, testicular ultrasound examination is difficult.

Does a testicular ultrasound examination hurt?

Ultrasound of the scrotum and testicles is a non-invasive examination, so it does not cause any pain to the patient. You may feel slight discomfort after applying the cool gel, which is necessary to perform the test. Any pain may be caused by a disease, e.g. inflammation of the testicle or epididymis.

Ultrasound in the diagnosis of infertility

More and more men are struggling with the problem of infertility, which may result from many factors, including hormonal disorders, stress, as well as general health. Testicular ultrasound is an important test that helps determine the cause and implement appropriate treatment.