My name is Adam Kałużny.
I am an urologist. I invite you to my private urology office, U Clinic, in Gdańsk Śródmieście, where I provide diagnostics and therapy for most diseases of the urogenital system, including prostate diseases, urological cancers, and sexual disorders.

What services do I offer at U Clinic?

As part of my practice, I offer a full range of urological care, including specialist consultation, ultrasound examinations, and treatment of diseases of the urogenital system, including:

Prostate cancer testicular cancer urolithiasis prostate enlargement urinary tract infections urinary incontinence in women and men penile curvature phimosis testicular hydrocele urinary tract cancers varicocele urethral stricture erectile dysfunction testosterone deficiency

As part of the diagnostics, I qualify and prepare patients for procedures including urethral surgery, correction of penile curvature, implantation of an artificial urethral sphincter in men (AMS800), implantation of a suburethral sling in women (TVT) and minimally invasive renal stone removal (RIRS/URSL/PCNL).

At U Clinic, I also perform surgical procedures under local anesthesia, ie. surgical treatment of phimosis - plastic surgery or removal of the foreskin (circumcision) and removal of skin lesions on the penis and scrotum.

In my practice, I approach each patient individually and make an effort to provide information about the treatment clearly so that the patient can make conscious decisions about his or her health.